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How D.I.Y.

To get started, you will need a basic piece to thread your charms and beads on. 

(1) Bangle

The bangles have screw on balls at each end, so that beads and charms can be threaded .The ridges on each side of the bangle are for threading the screw charms so that the beads can be spaced out on the bangle

 Small and Large Sizes





(2)The bracelet comes is many different styles

Gold / silver/ leather

Snap lock / magnetic lock / lobster clip.


The snap lock is opened by inserting finger nail or flat screw driver into the centre groove

The bracelets come in many sizes

15cn-Very small child size

16cm-Small child size

17cm-Child size

18cm- Very small adult size

19cm-Small adult size

20cm-Average adult size

21cm- Large adult size

22cm- Extra Large adult size

23cm -XX Large adult size

To measure size, use tape measure loosely around the wrist at the wrist bones



The Lobster clasp, unscrews at one end, enabling the beads and charms to be threaded




After threading your beads, the chain end is then screwed back on


(3) The neck lace  has snap lock clasp the same as the bracelet




(4) key chain


The keyring chain can be unscrewed at the end




The charm is then threaded



 The screw is then replaced


(5) Safety Chain

 Safety Chains prevent the beads from falling off when the chain is open

The Screw-on safety chains are screwed on each side of the bracelet lock

The Snap-lock chain snaps on each side of the chain lock

It can be removed just the same as the bracelet lock

Unless removing beads to add or rearrange, the safety chain should remain in place

This will prevent the loss of the bracelet and beads



Sometimes Screw-on locking beads are used to prevent the other beads from falling off when open, then safety chain is not required.


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